What Our Independent Agents Are Saying About OASIS...

Joe P.

I started my travel business 9 years ago and during the first 7 years tried 3 different Host Agencies. I joined OASIS 2 years ago because of their commission plan, but since then I have discovered that OASIS is so much more than a Host Agency with a great commission plan. They offer tremendous support to their agents including an incredible website, an impressive marketing program due to their association with Signature Travel, and an impressive response times to any inquiries made. Because of my association with OASIS my sales volume continues to grow. I always recommend OASIS to any agent that I hear complaining about their Host Agency or the support they need. Best decision I have ever made was becoming an agent with OASIS

Kimberly M.

Hello, I am fairly new to OASIS (since June), and tonight I finished the Signature training. Very excited about this! So are my eyeballs who are thanking me that I'm finished. I have to say that the training is the best I've seen. I owned a franchise for a while, and the training with OASIS/Signature is far superior!

Kim S.

I just also want to say that with the addition of your new hotel/cruise packages this is a real game changer for us smaller agencies and one of the reasons we associate with a large host agency. Too many hosts lack the willingness to pass these great perks onto their associates. I haven't seen this level of commitment to independent agencies until now. Thank you for all you do for us. I'm sold on OASIS. Keep up the good work. Sometimes "free" is not better. I appreciate working with a group of professionals. Thanks again.

Nanci B.

All I can say of the training is WOW, WOW, WOW! Mind blowing the amount of marketing resources available to us to help our business. I was actually interviewing marketing companies to spend a bunch of money creating landing pages, newsletters etc. which I now do not have to do!! Can't wait to get my webpage up and running and take advantage of all these great tools!!

Betty O.

I want to thank you for your responsiveness. Ok maybe that's not a word, but you people respond so fast and efficiently to phone and email that I am very happy I have joined you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I appreciate that you are a lean mean machine and everyone takes responsibility for their area of expertise and are so helpful.