Cutting Edge Technology Tools

When you partner with OASIS, you immediately have access to Signature's customized technology solutions which are considered the retail travel industry's most sophisticated, including comprehensive web content for cruises, hotels, land holidays, and destinations - all of which are optimized for mobile devices.

What's more, the full spectrum of online marketing tools and turnkey email marketing programs allow for personalized, one-to-one communications between OASIS member consultants and their clients. Best of all, these tools are provided at no cost.

In 2011, Signature launched the new proprietary mobile app, Pocket Travel Guides, for both Apple and Android devices. The first consortia's consumer app to market, The Pocket Travel Guides provides clients with in-depth information about the cities where they're traveling, on demand, 24/7, anywhere in the world. The app is customized with each member's brand and call-to-action, backed with Signature's technology - and all at no cost to either travel consultants or their clients.

Highly Customized Marketing Services

Each year, Signature creates and distributes more than 6.5 million pieces of direct mail and publications on behalf of members. All campaigns are highly customized, and can be personalized at the agent level. We access members' client database daily, in real-time, complete with full transactional, demographic, and psychographic information. This data enables Signature to orchestrate highly targeted online and direct mail marketing initiatives for members that drive results.

Signature has entered the tablet world with the launch of its dedicated interactive online publication, The Travel Experience. This cross-platform consumer publication is available for clients on the computer, as well as iPad and other tablets using the latest html5 technology. This interactive publication complements Signature's printed magazines with new content, featuring integrated video, photo galleries, quick facts and much more.