OTN’s Membership Collaboration with ASTA Works for You

OTN’s Membership Collaboration with ASTA Works for You

OASIS Strike Groundbreaking Membership Deal with ASTA

Recently, OTN created a membership deal with the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), resulting in all of OTN’s’ more than 800 members becoming members of ASTA. The partnership allows us to integrate ASTA memberships into the suite of benefits for our members, with all OTN agents becoming ASTA members as soon as they move over to the new OTN Build-A-Plan program.

ASTA membership benefits are vast, including discounts on health care premiums, advocacy, training, lead generation, and more. Several OTN members have openly shared their positive experiences thus far.

“My ASTA membership is important to me for three reasons,” said Nancy Scorby, Owner, Scorby Travel and Cruise Inc. “Educational opportunities like the ASTA Verified Program—which I completed this summer. Additionally, our representation on Capitol Hill is more important than ever for all travel advisors. Also, ASTA’s insurance program—I’ve saved more than 60% in premiums over the open market for my health care coverage.”

Several other OTN members appreciated the variety of free-of-charge support they’ve received.

“I particularly love the benefits of the complimentary services you get,” said Lauren Celli, Co-Owner, MoGo Travel Service, LLC, when speaking about her ASTA membership. “During this COVID time, we’ve had the chance to review our terms and conditions and had some incredible, very talented lawyers have a look at our services and give us some really great suggestions that we’ve implemented.”

MoGo Travel Service LLC Founder, Maureen Celli, agreed, adding that she loves the direction their company is receiving from ASTA as it relates to COVID-19 and the PPP loans.

Once the pandemic hit, we knew it was crucial to further lean in and continue to support our agents during this uncertain and unstable time.

“ASTA fights for the travel advisor every single day, and we feel it is vital that every one of our OTN members have the advantage of ASTA membership,” said Lee Smolinski, CEO of OASIS Travel Network. “Every travel advisor benefits from ASTA’s leadership on the most important issues affecting our industry and, therefore, we are proud to now include ASTA membership for every member of OTN.”

Learn more about our Build-A-Plan program here.

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