What Our Members Are Saying About OASIS…

If you are a Travel Advisor working with a host agency (particularly during these unrepresented times), you need a host that is responsive, proactive, and dedicated to its members. In my seven years with OASIS I couldn’t be happier, they fit the bill like a glove!

Debbi C.

Since partnering with OASIS in 2016, I have been fortunate to grow my business exponentially each year. I’m thankful for the valuable resources and trusted partnerships they provide, made up of the best in the industry, as well as their willingness to help their members achieve success.

Kristin M.

I’ve been with Oasis Travel Network since 2011.  OASIS provides me with an incredible array of tools and support that few host agencies offer.  They provide us with several plan options and we are able to select the program that works best for us … earning up to 100% commission.   We receive top level commissions from all providers.  Among the benefits they provide are ClientBase for client management, membership in ASTA,  Signature Travel Network and the wealth of marketing and training that affiliation entails … the list just goes on.  I find great benefit from the private Facebook Group where we can exchange ideas with other agents at various levels of experience … and sometimes just vent a point of frustration to my peers, all of whom are sure to “get it” when I post.   One of the very best points about OASIS in my personal view is that it is perfectly sized.  They are big enough to offer us all the resources and tools any agent could want for their business … but small enough that they actually know who I am!   If you are considering a new host agency … or are a newbie in search of a host that can help you get your business off the ground, you absolutely will not do better than OASIS Travel Network!

Pat H.

I am so grateful that I was referred to OASIS Travel Network at the beginning of my career transition to the travel industry. The connections and resources I was working tirelessly to access (or frankly, to figure out!) were suddenly available. My business grew quickly and continues to develop beyond my expectations. It was like surviving puberty free from awkward growth spurts and acne!”

Kareem G.

I’ve been a travel professional for a dozen years, and my biggest regret is not finding OASIS earlier in my career. OASIS has provided me with incredible resources to grow my business to the best it’s ever been, with partnerships that provide invaluable benefits for my clients, the best commission percentages available, and support every step of the way.

Mary K.

OASIS offers high profits for minimal cost with a generous commission structure and the Build A Plan program allows the agent to keep their costs low.

Maureen C.

Joining OASIS Travel Network nine years ago has been the best decision I have ever made.  The marketing support they provide (both electronic and print) have allowed me to bring my business to the next level.  The support provided and the ability to get to know and network with colleagues has led to some lifelong friendships.  I highly recommend OASIS Travel Network.

D'Lane M.

In 2013 I decided to venture into the travel biz. I set up my own home-based travel agency, The Travel Dreamer, and began an extensive search for the right host agency for me. Since I had some life experience, I didn’t need much handholding but was, instead, looking for a host that would provide the technology I needed and also the support I needed when things got more complicated.  In addition, my research had shown that Signature Travel Network was the consortia I most identified with. OASIS checked all the boxes in 2013 and they continue to check all the boxes for me today. Lee and his staff are incredible to work with, and I am a loyal associate and fan of all they do to help make us all successful.

Janet T.

OASIS Travel Network assisted us in our transition from inexperienced YTB Site Owners into professional and successful Travel Advisors.  We’re so thankful for their endless support and friendship!

Karen K.

Joining OTN five years ago was a very prudent decision. They provided us with so many resources to build our company including the contacts of the most influential people in our industry, not just a name, but in person as well.  OTN also has the best of best working behind the scenes to provide each of their members the tools and support that will allow you to give your clients the best service possible.

Claudia M.

Scorby Travel and Cruise has been with OASIS for 10 years, and it was the best business decision that I’ve made.  My sales volume has tripled, and in no small part due to my partnership with OASIS.   OTN offers the best compensation program, websites, E & O insurance, ASTA membership, and so much more.   They have always been at the forefront of innovation, and they have my back!

Nancy S.

Joining OASIS was the best career choice I have made in my 15-years as a travel advisor.   As a seasoned agent, becoming a member of OASIS gave me the resources and support that I needed to propel my business to a more lucrative and professional level.   Being able to brand my business as my own has allowed me to grow that brand where I was never able to do that before.    The internal support and supplier support that we get is mind-boggling amazing.  Lee and team are approachable and available for questions, advice, and they fiercely protect us and our clients in times of unprecedented issue resolution assistance.  I couldn’t be happier to be where I am at OASIS Travel Network.

Lori S.

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