OASIS Travel Network began with a vision.  In the midst of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, Lee Smolinski, founder and Chairman of OASIS saw that the travel agency industry was once again making a transformation.  Brick and mortar travel agencies were closing in record numbers and individual travel advisors increasingly went home based.  Senior travel advisors were retiring and weren’t being replaced.

There were already host agencies in the space and they were doing quite well.  However, Lee Smolinski found that the sector needed fundamental change to greatly increase compensation for advisors as well as attract new entrants to the industry.  A healthy industry must attract new blood with entrepreneurial spirit.  Hence, OASIS was born, and was the first host agency to offer advisors 100% commissions.

With over 30 years in the travel industry, all as a small business owner, Lee knows what you need to build your brand, be successful and survive.   Strong industry relationships have been developed over many years and are key to successful negotiations that benefit our OASIS members.

For the past ten years, Lee has built a team, together with Kelly Bergin, President of OASIS to become one of the most highly respected and fastest growing host agencies in the nation.  OASIS is also proud to be the only host agency in the World that provides free ASTA membership to all its members.  Lee & Kelly both believe that ASTA serves a vital role in the travel industry and cannot be replicated.

Today, OASIS offers every tool that a travel advisor needs to succeed in this competitive industry.  We plan for the future, by learning from the past.  Ethics and professionalism guide us every day.

Lee Smolinski        Chairman & CEO

Kelly Bergin                        President

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