Technology is the Catalyst That Gives You the Edge

Technology allows you to work smarter so you can... quickly, research effectively, market to clients more specifically, and track your bookings efficiently. Technology also allows you to work anywhere, anytime.

And when you add all this together it = more $$$$ in your pocket!

  • Our website technology is second to none. We give you access to professional, customized websites that are designed for your business model. No cookie cutter product here. We offer web designs with rich content that are mobile responsive so your clients can read on any device ie. tablet, iPad, smart phone or desktop.
  • According to CLIA 68% of clients "leave" because of lack of attention. We have technology solutions that will make sure your clients know you care. Weekly emails with information that clients want. eGreeting cards that automatically wish clients Happy Birthday for example. We help you stay in touch with your clients so they keep coming back to you and referring others.
  • Think of our OASIS and Signature Intranets as your own virtual assistant. They organize thousands of pages of supplier, destination, and training information. You can search for hotels, cruises and the latest "Hot Deals". And when you need help login to our agent forum where over 7,000 professional agents can participate or join our private Facebook group.
  • The key to retaining clients is CRM - customer relationship management. It's difficult to do on a spreadsheet or a rolodex. Our web-based ClientBase technology organizes your client information, tracks bookings, invoices and is the backbone of our Email and print marketing. No agent should be without this!
  • To research and book reservations we offer you multiple web-based tools, Signature Travel, Sabre Cruise, VAX and our own proprietary booking engine.
  • Our Cruise Track technology is unique in the industry. Click once and let our automatic system alert you to changes, promos, and discounts. Know before your clients tells you!
  • We realize how important social networking is today in your marketing plan. We provide on going training and content for your social media platforms.
  • Post booking client engagement. Very important because clients are less likely to cancel. We call it Client Reach. This program will automatically send helpful information to your clients from booking date through return date.

OASIS Testimonials

"My new website was launched yesterday and I just wanted to thank everyone involved for their assistance. I wanted to "step up my game" this year and I think the website reflects that. Again, thank you all for your support in helping me get to the next level."
- B. Roberts


VIDEO: In this video Karen Yeates, Vice President of Technology with Signature, invites you to exploit Signature's technology.