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Looking for a new or 2nd career?

Do you want to make extra income!

Do you love to travel?

Have you always wanted to work from home?

Are your kids growing older and are you looking for something fun to do?

Do you want to work part-time?

Are you looking for something just a little bit more exciting than what you are doing now?

Do you want to work flexible hours?

Were you downsized and now want to do something you love?

Are you always helping friends & family plan trips?

Have you graduated and are looking for your life's work?

Is travel your passion?

Do you want to help make people's vacation dreams come true?

Do you want to fire your boss and work for yourself?

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Whatever Your Reason for Considering a Career in Travel ... You Have Come to the Right Place!

Yes!Travel agents are alive and doing very well! The travel & tourism sector has developed into an industry with an annual economic impact of approximately $6.5 trillion worldwide ( The cruise industry alone is estimated to generate $39 billion in revenue for 2015 with over 13 million cruisers from North America (Cruise Market Watch). Travel is thriving and independent travel professionals working from home are seeing solid increases in bookings year over year.

People are flocking back to agents because they want to make sure they are getting value for their hard earned money and that the dream vacation they envision is exactly that and more. It is a fast paced, exciting industry with unlimited income potential and we can easily help you become a part of it! Travel Agents know more, are better connected, and have access to benefits that consumers cannot get on their own. These are just some of the reasons why the travel agent is making a comeback and is a smart career choice now!

To learn how to become a travel professional you need to partner with an organization that has experience, tools, and access to those benefits that consumers cannot find on their own. Our travel agency has been in business for over 30 years. We know what you need to build a profitable travel business. We belong to Signature Travel Network, the strongest, oldest, and most technologically advanced travel co-op in the industry today.

We've designed our New2Travel by OASIS training program specifically for individuals who are serious about becoming Travel Professionals.

Our hand-picked curriculum will prepare you to hit the ground running when you begin your new travel business. When comparing our program to others be sure to find out what training curriculum is being offered. Ask if you will have access to The Travel Institute to earn your Certified Travel Agent (CTA) and Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) certifications. Ask if you will be able to sell travel as you are taking the courses. Find out if there's a plan for letting people know that you are in the travel industry. Find out if there is a customized marketing system and if it can target client interests. Is there an automated program to keep in touch with clients before, during, and after their vacation? Not all programs are the same so be sure to do your homework. Professional travel agents know you get what you pay for in choosing a host and the same is true when choosing a training program.

Our New2Travel program for "New Sellers of Travel" is unique because it incorporates in-person training in our Boca Raton, FL headquarters plus:

  • 15 Module Customized Training for your Signature Travel Network Certification
  • Destination specialist certifications
  • Membership to The Travel Institute
  • Cruise Line International Association training
  • CLIA/IATAN cards available when qualified
  • One-year subscription to Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétit Magazine
  • 3 days of in-person training including hotel in Florida
  • 1/2 hour Social Media coaching session with Catherine Heeg
  • Annual sales and training meeting included
  • Ability to book travel and earn commissions while training
  • On going training webinars and industry training
  • Proprietary Cruise Booking Engine with personal training
  • Customer Relationship Manager program
  • Continuous Business Development Support
  • Educational journeys, familiarization trips, and ship inspection opportunities
  • Elite Plan membership set-up fee ($500 value)
  • Comprehensive Marketing Program to jump start your business (includes elite website and email/print marketing program)
  • B2C Cruise booking engine
  • B2C Hotel booking engine (coming soon)
  • Automated client engagement system
  • Cruise itinerary and price tracking system
  • Agent Associate program - you have the ability to bring on associates to work with you to help you grow your business!
  • Ability to build your own travel agency brand
  • Web based tools to work from anywhere
  • Exclusive pricing and packages
  • Free hotel and cruise amenities for your clients
  • Travel app combining itieraries, destinations, and more

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OASIS Testimonials

"Thank you so much Lee Smolinski! As someone completely new to the industry, this host agency is absolutely amazing! I have a friend that went with another well known host and she is no longer in business. The New2Travel program is an amazing gateway into the industry. I am continually shocked at my own growth in less than 2 years. Thanks to the entire OTN team and members for your support and encouragement."
- Elizabeth N.