You Must Consistently Let People Know Who You Are and What You Do

Michelle Morgan, Former CEO of Signature Travel Networks says...

"The hand-wringing owner waiting for the phone to ring will not, sadly, survive this harsh business climate. But agents that adapt, innovate, embrace technology tools and nurture clients will emerge stronger, more nimble and more resilient than ever."

OASIS can help you brand and market yourself effectively, inexpensively, and easily. All OASIS Travel Network Members have access to the following professional marketing tools:

Custom Website and Design

  • An OASIS elite "Mobile Responsive" web site can be included in your OASIS Elite or Platinum monthly membership plan fee. If you are a new member or existing member looking to upgrade to our Elite or Platinum membership plan, you only need to pay a one time set up fee. If you're an existing Elite or Platinum member and already have an ADVAIA web site and want to upgrade to one of our NEW responsive templates, the cost is a one-time upgrade fee of $99. There are four templates to choose from...

Email Marketing

  • On average 68% of clients leave and do not book with you again because of lack of attention. You will have access to the industry's most sophisticated technology tools tailored to your clients' profiles and preferences. An email offering information and exclusive pricing to your clients will be sent once a week. The email will contain only your branding and contact information.
  • Email greeting cards can be sent to your clients automatically for birthdays, passport expiration reminders, bon voyage, and welcome home. Holiday greetings and many more can be set up as well.

Direct Mail Marketing

  • The Travel Magazine – High quality, four-color, 56-page publications highlight popular vacation destinations
  • Cruise Issue of the Travel Magazine – High quality, four-color, 36-page publications highlight popular cruise vacations and are sent twice a year.
  • Travel Redefined – High quality, four-color, 36- to 52-page publications highlight deluxe, luxury and ultra-luxury vacations free with onboard credit and upgrades.
  • 5-6 FREE direct mail pieces that you can add to your marketing mix.

Tech Marketing Tools

  • Axus Pocket Travel Consultant App – Free smart phone app that allows your clients to carry all of the destination information they need while traveling, right in their pocket!
  • CruiseFinder – A full spectrum of products including pricing and itinerary information for almost every sailing of preferred cruise partners is included. Pricing is updated daily. Special focus is given to sailings with exclusive amenities and private collection sailings.
  • Client Reach – Our proprietary ClientReach program is about client engagement after the booking. Research shows that fewer clients cancel if they are engaged after booking and during the time before departure. Our system automatically reminds clients for you about travel protection, pre/post hotels, shore excursions and more.
  • Cruise Track – Technology that allows you to "watch" a cruise itinerary with email notification to you of itinerary, pricing and promotional changes the minute it happens!
  • Vacation Offer ID – The Vacation Offer ID system integrates online and offline marketing. In all direct mail marketing pieces, clients are directed to member websites to "Click for More".

OASIS Testimonials

"I have to say I am impressed with the job you are doing. I've been affiliated with others that promised professional marketing but fell short on that promise. The emails you send to clients are attractive and effective. While I have only been on the emarketing system a few months, I have had about a half dozen clients ask me in the course of conversations to continue sending the offers. That's more requests than I received due to any other "marketing" group."
- E. Lemoncelli


VIDEO: In this video Karryn Christopher, Vice President of Marketing with Signature, explains why Signature's marketing program is so successful.