Every 3 months we welcome a new group of people to Boca Raton, FL for our New2Travel boot camp. Some of the folks that attend are experienced travel professionals that are brushing up on supplier products, but most are new to our fabulous travel industry. They have finished the required online training and are now ready to take the next step into their new travel career.

They are excited. Our staff here at OASIS Travel Network, that runs the New2Travel program, is excited also. We welcome them with open arms and hugs. We have gotten to know these folks over the past couple of weeks and months since they first signed up for our new to industry program.

It is not an inexpensive program, but nothing worth anything is. We know that learning about a few suppliers and some geography is not going to get a travel business off the ground. We know what it takes to be successful and so we have created a program that teaches about cruise, land vacations, hotels, etc. More importantly we offer training on consulting, social media, marketing and arrange mentoring if desired. We include a best in class website and an email and print marketing system that is the best the industry has to offer. 88% of people that have completed our training and transitioned to our travel consultant plans are still with us.

After boot camp we push our chicks out into the travel world and help them to fly by giving them the tools they will need to market themselves, research travel options for their clients, and close the sale.

If travel is what you love then consider choosing this as a new career, a second career or and additional career. We would love to help you fly!!

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