New Talent Joining the Travel Industry and OTN Community

New Talent Joining the Travel Industry and OTN Community

Despite the pandemic, we’re thrilled that we’ve seen an increase in professionals joining our New2Travel boot camp—training that’s perfectly suited for those looking to gain the education, insight, network and know-how to successfully enter the travel industry.

An overall love for travel, trying new things, appreciating different cultures and helping others do the same are common factors cited by those making the career jump.

“I’ve been a hotel manager for about 20 years, raised a family, and fulfilled my ‘career goals’ in the corporate structure—in essence, I’ve been working my whole life to make someone else rich and successful,” said Carol Domme of Avid Wanderer. “Now that I’m getting close to retirement, I feel it’s the ideal time for me to be rich and successful. I was bitten by the travel bug long ago and I love to see happy satisfied customers. Travel planning is something I already know, so I felt it would be a great time to put my energy and passion into something to help myself and to cultivate my own satisfied customers.”

With industry newcomers coming from a wide variety of past experiences and careers—plenty of which required additional higher education or training—many are bringing specialized skills to their work, helping them to serve clients in elevated and highly specific ways.

“I have been in Healthcare Finance and IT Project Management for over 20 years, so planning and organizing how to get things done for others for a particular amount of money within a certain timeframe is what I’ve been doing for so long I can’t help myself anymore,” said Rachel Bonham of These Bags Travel. “Everything looks like a project, even my own vacation!”

Currently, a School Psychologist, Danielle Niekamp of Flights and Flip Flops, LLC, says she’s used to working with a variety of different people and is constantly listening and problem-solving to help students and families succeed.

“My job is never the same every day and I think that will also help me within this profession,” said Niekamp. “Problems may arise and things don’t always go as planned, but I’m good at going with the flow and working in a variety of ways to help people as much as I can. I believe all of these skills will help me be a successful travel advisor.”

For many, success in the industry is within reach because of the flexibility it provides.

“Before New2Travel, I was (and still am) a stay-at-home mom, since my daughter was about six months old,” said Kelly Combs of V1 Travel Designs, who used to be in sales for over a decade, including medical sales. “My husband works long and unpredictable hours. Therefore, I need a career in which I control the parameters in which I work and can still take my kids to all their activities. Having an office at home and being able to take work on the go is a perfect combination.”

Domme says the travel industry affords her the opportunity to share her passion with others and to experience travel firsthand.

“I have taken the steps to set myself up with support and guidance from an amazing organization, and I have all the support imaginable from family and friends,” she said. “With all this support behind me, how can I lose?”

Those who complete the New2Travel boot camp leave feeling like they could thrive in the fast-paced travel industry, having gained personal skills, global connections and access to amenities not available to the consumer market.

Learn more about the award-winning New2Travel program here.

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